Magic Horoscope: The Pisces prediction for the month of May

Your Pisces prediction for May 2018
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Love: A liberating learning experience

This May you have a challenge ahead of you to overcome, Pisces. You have to avoid being affected so much by others opinions. It’s good that you keep in mind the advice and opinions of certain people, but you can’t let their ideas define your life, especially on love’s plane.

On the other hand, it would also be recommendable to leave behind the excitement about things that are so far from reality. Learning will be key for those single Pisceans out there since they’ll be able to easily discern simple attraction from true feelings.

At the beginning of May, you’ll find out that your partner needs your support in a difficult situation and you should respond to this in the appropriate manner. Fear and insecurity are just obstacles that keep you from enjoying romantic relationships. The time has come to free yourself a little from this unnecessary burden that’s been weighing you down.

Money: Significant challenges

During the first day of this month, you’ll find that the pace of your work will change entirely. You’ll consider starting a new project, challenge, or task, and with this, the long mundane days will come to an end.

Your first reaction may be to flee from the situation and if you pay close attention, your new work situation will put you to the test as much as love will, and it will teach you that you should trust yourself more and leave certain fears behind.

During this month where the cosmos seem open to teaching you an important lesson, you should respond accordingly by looking at the challenges straight on with a smile.

Halfway through the month, you should be especially prudent Pisces, because one false move could end up putting your entire professional career in jeopardy.

Health: Avoid impulses

You have a hidden strength within you that will come out on various occasions and circumstances throughout this month, Pisces. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of any opportunity that you have to show that things are just this way.

Changing your attitude for good and leaving your negative side behind in exchange for the positive will make you feel better about yourself and this will have direct repercussions on your health. However, before you should accept the truth of certain circumstances.

On the other hand, avoid getting carried away by your impulses and try to avoid experimenting with your own body without knowing the consequences. An extremely strict diet or excessive intense exercise could have a truly harmful impact on your body.