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The Annual Horoscope for Pisces for 2018

The prediction for Pisces for 2018
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2018 arrives for Pisces, those who were born between February 20 and March 20, full of happiness and prosperity, especially in the professional field. After many years of hard work, they finally see their reward materialized in the opportunity of their lives, which will give way to one of their best times. In the personal field, they will have to overcome some obstacles that, like everything else, will help them grow and mature.


The most probable thing is that this 2018 you set your interests in other areas rather than in the love one if you are single. There is no barrier that can prevent the arrival of a possible partner but it won't be the right time for you to start walking with someone.

That's why the temporary loves will be a constant in your life during the next months and only a very important change in the position of the stars could bring your soulmate to your life.

This desire to explore new and unknown spheres will lead Pisces who are in a relationship to want to take an important step with their partners, one of those that change your life completely.

It's possible that you prepare the arrival of a new member of the family, you decide to live under the same roof with that person or that you decide to get married. In any case, the most passionate side of love will be relegated to the background.


You feel satisfied with the situation that you have at home and you won't want to move anywhere. In fact, if you feel pushed to move, you will try by all means to reside in the same area where you live now. Your interests, once again, will be placed in other aspects.

Regarding your relationships and family ties, an important professional success is foreseen for a person who has a direct link with you, such as your parents or your children.

After summer, you may end your relationship with some family member of second grade. However, no really serious problem is foreseen in this field.


Your planet of money will go through many houses over time, so it shouldn't surprise you to see yourself immersed in a deep variation of trends and ups and downs throughout the year.

In spite of this circumstance, you won't go through a particularly complicated moment and it's observed how all the problems that arise will be saved in a matter of a short time.

You should avoid making long-term investments, contracting credits or large expenses in the summer months since the movement will go backwards. This means that if you want to enjoy your holidays, the best thing you can do is start applying now and be proactive. Otherwise, you won't be able to afford to travel anywhere.


You won't believe it, but you will experience a very significant change at work. At the end of the year, when you look back, you will see how your life has changed thanks to your effort.

As we said before, in recent years you have strived to obtain quality training and extensive professional experience, something that will be rewarded before the arrival of the last quarter of the year.

Until then, you should strive to learn as much as possible about the tasks that you will have to take care of. Even from the most unexpected places and from the worst experiences you can get something positive.


You have learnt a lot of health lessons on the physical level and this 2018 you'll have to deal with a more delicate plane, the mental one. It will be convenient for you to surround yourself with people that have a positive attitude towards life; it will be the best way to protect your aura and to get away from the negative energies from around you.

The negative external vibrations could affect you especially, so you'll have to make an effort to change your mindset and learn relaxation techniques, which will be your best allies. You could experience small ups and downs, but nothing that goes out of the ordinary.

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