A fortuitous encounter with someone who hurt you a great deal in the past will leave you with a feeling of insecurity and vulnerability over the first few days of the week.

As the week advances your relationship with your partner will be very good, filled with love, kisses and hugs. But, due to your insecurity, you might make the mistake of going through their phone.

On Valentine’s Day, your facial expression will give away whether your partner nailed their gift or not. If you don’t like the gift you might even be in a rotten mood for the rest of the day.

During the weekend you’ll have mood swings and you’ll be somewhat paranoid, thinking that your other half has been unfaithful.

If you're single, you’ll spend most of the week annoyed by the heart-shaped decorations everywhere. Remember Pisces, that the 14th of February is also a day to celebrate friendship, so go out and party with friends to drown your sorrows!

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At work, you’ll still have ups and downs. There will be days where going to work will feel like a struggle. The days will be long and there will be complications. And, if we add to this the fact that you’ll be very demanding with your work and your results, we have an explosive cocktail. You need to find your motivation and willpower again or start thinking about getting a different job that you like better.

The professions that will have a positive week will be those linked to beauty (fashion, beauticians, hairdressers, sales and distribution of cosmetics) and diplomacy.

With Venus in Aries, you won’t lack money if you know how to manage yourself, you can make money from selling objects or from small investments. But avoid making transactions on Wednesday.


You’ll need to renew some elements from your bedroom to improve your sleep (your pillow or mattress). Your neck pain or headaches are most likely caused by sleeping in an awkward position. Spare no expense and look for the best quality, we're talking about your health here.

Physically speaking you’ll be prone to small accidents (especially during the weekend): a sprained ankle due to a hole in the kerb or a stubbed toe due to your coffee table, these can leave you limping for a while.