Pisces Weekly Horoscope for 10 - 16 June

Magic Horoscope’s most important predictions for this week
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From these past few weeks, with all their good and bad experiences, with their tears and smiles, the greatest thing you’ve learned is about your own faults and virtues, and about what you generate in others. This week you’ll start putting healthy boundaries when you feel things are taking a negative turn for you or your relationship.

Expect many incredible situations, as the sky brings surprises for the water signs this week, and your sign is one of them, together with Cancer and Scorpio. There’s a lot of enjoyment for you during the weekend in terms of passion, romantic encounters and sexuality. You might be touched by the magic wand of the goddess of love, Venus and find yourself madly in love, feeling butterflies in your tummy and dreaming of a rose coloured future.

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Your week will be generally good. You’ll receive the kind of reward that destiny tends to grant those who show good will and help their peers. Your good disposition is acknowledged by others, and for this reason the Universe will reward you.

Even though the week will be generally filled with hope and good news, you might encounter some problems which will require your skill and thinking on your feet to solve them before they snowball.

The Magic Horoscope’s recommendation for Pisces is that you make the most of the planetary alignments which bring favourable winds in everything pertaining to organization and progress through focus. Don’t spend any money unless it’s truly necessary.


You’ve made some favourable changes to your routine, and this is bringing about improvements in your perception of your own body. You feel lighter and with more energy than you usually have. When you wake up you might see some signs that your body is cleansing itself from the bad habits of the past, so you might feel a bitter taste in your mouth, and bad breath. Your tongue might also look dirtier, don’t worry though, it’s just a sign of your body’s internal cleansing.

Keep working towards your general progress. Your health is first and foremost.