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You’ll enter a phase where you’ll want to get rid of all the negative baggage the past has left in your heart. But this could go against you.

Much of what you demand from your partner is something that is already beyond repair, and you should handle it differently, without grudges and understanding that no one can change the past.

Towards midweek you’ll receive news from someone who’s betrayed you. You’re not wrong to walk away, Pisces The painful part will be realising that the person you trusted in does not feel the same way about you.

Grief and sorrow could take over, but some positive events will help you keep sadness and disillusionment at bay.

If you’ve recently started a romance, you’ll have to adapt to whatever life brings, not everything can be exactly the way you imagined it, and there’s so many different ways to love.

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This week you’ll receive a great offer which will open many doors for your material life. It might seem so surrealistic or unbelievable that you might let it pass, thus missing an amazing opportunity.

Don’t allow anyone to sabotage your work or your product. If you have your own business be especially careful with how you advertise it, and what is said about it, you might be the victim of an invisible enemy.

Gather the strength to give your project another push. The planetary strength goes in the direction of your dreams, promoting all of your activities and attracting new was of doing business through technologies or tools you didn’t know existed until now.

Open up to the knowledge and enjoy taking a different route to reach the same results. It will be beneficial to share your experience with colleagues and business partners.


Your body’s strength is amazing, and for this reason, you always recover from illnesses.

You’re being influenced by Neptune’s energetic aspects to identify the healing aspects that you have at your disposal in the spiritual world. Your mind is powerful, and it uses its energy according to your energetic needs. Understanding your own power will help you restore the energetic balance you need to feel healthy.

Being tidy with your diet and rest will also make you feel great.