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The week will get off to a great start in love's terrain and the sex lives of those born under the influence of the Pisces sign. Venus in Scorpio favors and brings you a touch of magic and mystery that will bring Pisceans to a state of bliss.

You'll get the attention of the person that you've been seducing and your desires will be met effortlessly.

You'll enjoy everything when it comes to meeting up and having a good time together, you'll feel content. If you're in a long-term relationship, the passion with your partner will be reignited, and you'll be able to smooth out all of the rough edges that you've been meaning to take care of.

Single Pisceans will find a kind of love that will make a lasting impression on them, where they only saw fantasies and daydreams before.

Towards the end of the week, the emotional sky will start clouding up as you see the dark clouds that the lunar eclipse will bring with it coming in.

You should look for a way to protect yourself energetically from the prevailing bad vibes.

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If you're able to focus all of your intelligence and concentration, this week will be excellent and highly motivating as far as planning your future and evaluating buying and selling operations.

The stars favor you, and you'll be surrounded by friendly people that share your intentions since they trust your great ideas.

If something doesn't work out this time, don't give up yet. Give yourself a chance and show your willpower and organization capacities.

Your lucky numbers this week are 212 and 34.


In general this week, your health will be good, but don't give up on that detox routine.

Your year is off to a stressful start, and you might have fallen into bad eating habits as a result and because you don't have much time and are constantly at different gatherings this time of year.

Your body is begging you to take care of it. You really don't have to do a lot to stay healthy, Pisces.

Your intestinal health is more important than you realize. There's even a well known medical theory that suggests that the intestine is our second brain. 

If you feel burdened, heavy, and out of balance, maybe you should consider a diet to relieve your digestive tract. Try eating plenty of fruits and tea. Add some movement to your routine, a bit of yoga or brisk walks could help you to eliminate toxins from your system.