Pisces Weekly Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


The start of the week will be marked by the accumulation of fiery energy in the area of relationships, marriage and sexuality.

There’ll be some fiery days where you’ll feel self-confident and you’ll have the reins of the relationship in your hands. Cuddles, kisses and tumbles between the sheets will be both frequent and satisfactory. It will also be beneficial to do some activities with your partner to blow off some steam to keep strengthening your romantic bond.

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, by midweek you’ll bump into your first love. You haven’t seen them for ages but being near them will still make you feel light-headed. You’ll decide to meet up for a coffee and a chat. This way you’ll be able to tell if you’re still in love with them or if you’re just fond of them.

These ups and downs will make you desire to disconnect from the world and your surroundings to be able to connect with yourself, with your needs and feelings. A spiritual retreat for a couple of days will do you a world of good.

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The duties and tasks you had performed thus far at work will change. It will take you a few days to adapt to your new role. By midweek your department will have to face the wrath of your boss as someone hasn’t done their job properly. And the cherry on top is that your email criticizing your managers will end up in the hands of your boss. Take it easy Pisces, things will improve as the days go by.

If you’re unemployed, this week you’ll get a call telling you that you’ve passed an interview but you have to do a foreign language test.

This week you won’t spend a lot and you’ll be able to earn some extra cash by doing some small DIY stuff for your neighbours. It will come in handy, as your laptop is about to die.


You’ll start the week with your energy levels at 100%, willing to take on the entire world. You’ll achieve anything you set your mind to. But you need to be careful and avoid eating too much sugar or you’ll struggle to sleep at night.

Towards the middle of the week, your mental health will require some time to disconnect, else you might explode and take the world down with you. Try not to reach this critical point and book a few days off (or at least a few hours) to go somewhere where you can have some peace and quiet.

During the weekend your vibration will be low and you’ll be unhappy with your environment and with society as a whole.