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It’s time to experience love intensely. The moments of sadness and doubt are becoming a thing of the past. Your relationship is in a great place and you might even be thinking about planning a trip or a favourable change for both of you. Your likely to have news of your relationship moving forward, such as an engagement.

If you’re single you might discover new physical pleasures and ways of loving. It could even be that you’ll meet your next big love over the next few days.

Jupiter’s influence is strong these days so don’t abuse the understanding and trust placed on you by your loved ones, be moderate and considerate. Leave your daydreams to pay attention to what others need right now.

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This is a good week for Pisces in terms of finances, however, the Magic Horoscope detects that there could be some tense situations at work, with your bosses or clients. It won’t be because of a mistake you’ve made, but rather because of the bad astral influences.

There’s tension in the air for Pisces, but also a high level of activity. It’s up to you to make the most of these energies.

Mars’s presence on your complementary opposite sign could bring benefits and great progress in your professional life, you’ll even be willing to work harder to increase your wealth.

If you’re waiting for a court ruling, notifications and letters, there’s a possibility of receiving some answers this week due to the influence of Mercury in Virgo.


Don’t think that the effort you’ve put into changing your habits and improving your diet has been fruitless, if you’re on a diet, it’s important that you stick with it and keep going down the path of self-care and healthy moderation.

You’ll feel full of vitality and energy this week, but this might make you overexert yourself before the weekend starts.

Watch out for colds and infections caused by draining your energy to the limit.