Pisces Weekly Horoscope for 2 - 8 December

Magic Horoscope’s most important predictions for this week
Weekly Horoscope for Pisces. | Magic Horoscope

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If you’re in a relationship the energies forecast a very exciting few days during the beginning of the week. Your sex life will be the protagonist during these first few days and your augments perception will enjoy pleasure as if it were an extrasensory experience.

By midweek your libido will decrease and all you’ll want is cuddles. You will also not want any contact with the outside world. Even if you have children, you’ll feel overwhelmed by their intensity and you’ll ask a relative to look after them for a day.

During the weekend a couple of tense aspects on your sign will make you feel like your life is stagnant. Don’t allow yourself to be dominated by these influences and stay objective Pisces. Everything is going according to plan.

If you’re a single Pisces, you’ll have to use your mystical power and carry out a love knot rite to get that person you like to notice you.

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If you were planning on starting a master’s degree or a doctorate, to work abroad for a long period of time, or to start a new business linked to your vocation and passion, this is the perfect week for it!

The best day to carry out investments and find business partners to finance your projects will be Wednesday they 4th.

If you’re in someone else’s employment, you might be a victim of misuse of power by your supervisors. This could make you quit your employment abruptly.

During the weekend you’ll use shopping as a means of instant gratification and you’ll self-sabotage your savings.


Sometimes, the best therapy is speaking to a good friend and venting your sorrows and anger. To have them listen to and support you. Cursing the world together and laughing at everything. You need a chat like this to recharge your positivity.

Your body will demand that you stay well hydrated. Drink plenty of water and eat things that hydrate you, such as pineapple, cucumber and spinach. A green smoothie in the mornings will give you an energy boost.

Make the most of the waxing moon in your sign on the 4th to connect with your intuition. It will be the perfect night to carry out rituals and project what you want from the universe.