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For natives of this sign, you'll be moving like fish in the water in love's terrain this week.

Due to the position of the cosmos, you'll be likely to have days full of peace and harmony with your partner.

You'll want to fight harder for growth all the time. And you'll find a positive and even enthusiastic response when it comes down to commitment.

All of this is based on bigger and better feelings. The sweet words and touches will have you floating in the sky.

Make the most of this to avoid problems that have been building up for a long time with family members that cause pain and anxiety that are hard to contain. If this meeting is inevitable, you could try to have a conversation on this topic to smooth out the rough edges.

Learn to use the cosmos in your favor. The Sun's positive position due to the eclipse will help you to move forward emotionally.

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In money-related matters, at work and in your professional commitments, you won't be able to focus, since you'll tend to be distracted and make calculation mistakes, complications that involve third parties and this won't make you very popular. Actually, it could even harm you if you don't take measures.

If you pay attention, you might meet someone that will help you when you didn't ask, but even so, this will still do you wonders. Thank your guardian angles and be kind to yourself since it isn't your fault that Neptune has you in a state of distraction and confusion.

Beware, you could be the victim of a robbery.


Pisces, your body doesn't respond very well to all stimuli. But don't forget that stress also counts as this. So, it's time for you to get in touch with what your body feels and give yourself time to rest or to realign yourself with your goals, breathing, your organs and the feelings that all of these bring to you.

Imagine if you went through life without being conscious of your stomachache, maybe you have acid reflux or pain when you eat. In the long-term, this could become a problem, like gastritis or maybe even something worse.

The same thing could happen in different parts of your body: your vision or spine. This means that you need to get in touch with yourself and relax or seek help. Come back down to Earth.