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Pisces, what a week you have ahead of you. A lot of different emotions will take over you, and you’ll feel like you’re in an emotional rollercoaster.

The first days of the week you’ll be so happy your feet won’t even touch the ground. You’ll be so filled with joy you might even go a bit manic, which will negatively affect those who are close to you. Remember not everybody feels the way you do, or experiences things the same way.

Towards Friday, the stars foretell that those born under Pisces will be taken over by melancholy or hopelessness. The best thing will be to stay calm and seek solace in some form of creative activity to help you connect with your inner self. You could try writing or painting. If you like music, listening to your favourite songs can help you overcome that feeling of sadness which doesn’t do you any good.

You know what they say, life is like a bicycle ride, you must keep your balance and move forward.

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From an astrological point of view, money matters seem to be very active and with good advancement opportunities.

This week you’ll be able to get in touch with prospective clients, or people who might increase your income, especially on Monday and Tuesday. Those will be the best days to request a salary raise, contact prospective clients, advertise your products or services, or send your resume to the companies you’d like to work for. All matters related to communication and movement will be enhanced by the movement of the stars for those born under Pisces. Enjoy it, because it won’t happen again for a while.

Your finances won’t suffer too much this week. However, the Magic Horoscope  advises you to be up to date with your bills and payments, so you can manage your finances better.


You’ll have to address some matters pertaining to your health and your appearance this week. This is a perfect week to start making some changes to your routine. Take the energy boost from your fiery neighbouring sign, Aries, and start making the changes you need.

Whether you’re looking to build muscle mass or lose a few pounds, the time is now, don’t delay. Start a cardio routine appropriate to your level of training, you’ll have time to enhance the intensity later on. Don’t forget to warm up your muscles and joints, there’s astral aspects which will make you prone to muscular or joint injuries.