Pisces Horoscope Weekly
Your Pisces Horoscope for this week | Magic Horoscope

There is a motto in astrology that says, "Universal judgement overrides individual judgement". In these agitated days when the world is uniting to fight the pandemic, read our prediction carefully but always be aware of the indications of the authorities.


Towards the end of the week you won’t be feeling your characteristically romantic self and you will prefer more personal space and independence. You will do things your way and some natives of your sign might realise that your partner is trying to control your movements.

It is time to cut any limiting ties. These may coming from your partner or from a friend who, out of jealousy, has become somewhat toxic for you.

On Friday you may hear a special song, or smell a characterisctic scent which will take you back to special moments with an ex and you will miss these times.

The single Pisces could find themselves immersed in a complicated love triangle. Is this love tangle worth it? In the end the only one who will end up being hurt is you…..

Your brother or sister needs to have a chat with you, one of those heart to hearts where you can talk openly and honestly. They have to make an important decision in their life and need your opinion, but above all your unconditional support.



This work week you won’t bring you much luck. In the workplace you will have a rather arrogant, vengeful and bitter attitude, and, if the opportunity arises, you will tread all over a colleague so as to remain on top. In any team work situation, you will be more prickly and sensitive and you will pick up on any small error that you can find.

For the entrepreneurs, the shadow of a theft wil hang over your business proceedings. Therefore be careful and pay attention.

On the personal finance front, it is good to get a loan which might lead you to sell some possessions to be able to pay it off. It is the perfect moment to get rid of some some things that you are attached to (presents from an ex for example).

Make the most of any supermarket discount vouchers or any coupons that arrive in your email inbox, and you will get some good deals on household buys.


Stress and a bad posture at work or doing the housework will affect your spine. You need a back massage which will help your vertebrae to revert to their normal good posture and will release any muscular knots.

Have you forgotten what you ate yesterday? You need to train your brain, Pisces, challenge yourself every day to do a hobby, sudoku or a puzzle.