Pisces Weekly Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


The way you handle your internal life and your loved ones will help you survive the adversities that destiny has put you through lately.

Love is something you know well, and you used to let others toy with your feelings, but you’ve changed. You’re more aware of what you need to be well so you’re careful not to be manipulated.

This personal development benefits your relationship and allows you to enjoy your time together more and suffer less. The activities you do together are fun and refreshing. Bad times are a thing of the past, buried by the good vibes that will reign this week.

If you’re single, from Wednesday onwards you could come face to face with someone who will make you experience an unbelievable love story. You look better than ever and you attract love like honey attracts bees.

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This week’s tendency will be great, Pisces. The stars are very active in the area of companies and money reaching your hands through transactions such as bank loans or credits.

If you’re waiting for good news regarding real estate or automobile purchases or sales, they’re very likely to arrive.

You’ll receive excellent news, it’s as if you were on a train that’s slowly gliding towards abundance. Your matters flow without issues and you know that this is partly due to the way you’re experiencing reality.

You’ve stopped dwelling on your bad experiences, you speak of the good and forget the bad to preserve your energy. This shows, Pisces. It makes a huge difference.

The Magic Horoscope preserves you from frivolous expenses. Don’t get blinded by your good luck and preserve what you have. Be moderate in your expenses to avoid regrets.


You’ll be in great health over the next seven days. If you’re expecting results of studies and exams, you can rest assured they’ll be better than expected.

If you’re undergoing medical treatment, you’ll improve little by little. Life shows you that love activates the body’s ability to heal itself at a cellular level.

If you’re prone to pain in your feet or heels, wear sensible footwear if you’re covering long distances to avoid unnecessary discomfort.