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Pisces Weekly Prediction for 24-30 December

Magic Horoscope's most important news for this week
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This week will start with tension in the family environment. It isn't easy for them to accept changes regarding traditions and this means that everyone is on edge. Connect to your spiritual side to remind them of the real meaning behind family gatherings.

As far as your love life goes, Pisces, during the next few days you'll reflect on the past, and you'll come to the conclusion that there are some things that you wish you could change. Don't be afraid to ask for your space if you need it.

Every once in a while you have to connect to what you really want and have in your life. You should count your blessings so that you can really be grateful.

Towards the end of the week, a person that loves to gossip with bad intentions will make you lose your faith in someone very special to you. You should ignore this and double check the facts they'll share with you.

This week single Pisceans will have a magnetic attraction. Others will be pining for them because of this.

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A lot of unexpected expenses that you miscalculated will come up this week and worry you. At the same time, there will be expenses that you didn't foresee that will force you to find new ways to make money or save.

Don't lose faith in luck that could help you to resolve these emergencies and that will bring you new opportunities.

Pisces, finances are hard for people as intimately connected to your spiritual life as you are, but remember that these dilemmas can be solved if you connect to your perception and intuition.


You're going through a period where you'll be more tempted to indulge and eat more than you should. Foods that are high in sugar and fat will take a toll on you, and this could cause weight gain and digestive problems that will keep you from feeling your best.

Halfway through the week, you'll make some changes to become more healthy in your daily life.

Plan this new diet or exercise plan with enthusiasm. Imagine how much you could get out of always getting a good workout.

You need to stop overdoing it right away. Your body is your temple.

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