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Your week will be packed with romantic encounters and family happiness. Amongst all the zodiac signs, yours will be the one that fares best these days when it comes to love. The planetary alignment has blessed you. But don’t think it’s all the planets’ doing. You contributed a lot to gain that serenity and romantic placidity you’re currently enjoying.

Venus on your house will grant you sweetness and love to placate and strengthen all of your relationships.

Your sex life will be like a reverie, transformed by this wave of spirituality that surrounds you.

If you’re thinking about a commitment, give your other half time to get used to the idea, if you push them you might ruin your chances. Remain silent, even if you think you can read their thoughts, and those thoughts are sad and unpleasant. They’ll get over it, you’ll see.

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You’ll encounter a few difficulties during the first days of the week. Paperwork you can’t finish, sales that fall through, missed calls. Don’t worry, this will  improve towards the weekend, and everything will fall back into place.

The road of your financial life feels full of potholes. Everytime it looks like you’re about to reach your goals everything crumbles to the ground.

It’s not you, it’s the incidence of Mercury on your house which is wreaking havoc. It is well known that when a planet is in retrograde things come to a halt. You can take advantage of this pause by reflecting on whether your plans are the best thing for you or not.

Don’t lose hope, this will soon pass. And you’ll come out stronger.


You’re more sensitive than you’re used to. It feels as if you could hear people’s thoughts out loud, and this can overwhelm your nervous system and your psyche. It’s not an easy thing to bear.

Your body is in top shape. If you rest properly and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables you’ll feel even better. This week try to avoid deep fried foods, carbs and dairy to achieve a better psychic balance and center yourself more easily. Breathe in, and exhale all of your worries.