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It won’t be an easy week for matters of the heart for Pisces. You’ll be walking down the dark alleys of jealousy.

If you’ve entrusted a secret of vital importance to a friend or relative, they’re about to break their vow of silence. You, Pisces, knew that this could happen.

Reactions will come thick and fast and you’ll find yourself in the eye of the storm for a few hours, or perhaps even more. Breaking things up quickly will depend on your ability to defend yourself from harmful words and defamation.

Those who truly love you will understand, and you won’t have many problems in your private life.

If you’re single, Pisces, steer clear of envious people who pretend to be your friends and want to get you closer to love. On the contrary, they’re on the prowl like hyenas, to laugh about your feelings. Listen to their words carefully and observe their behaviour, you’ll be surprised by how naive you were.

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If you isolate your emotions while at work and focus all of your mental energy on your professional activities, it’ll be an excellent week for you, you’ll see.

Organizing your schedule and managing your time properly will leave you with a few hours of free time which you could use to improve and polish some of your skills.

You’re a very intuitive person, Pisces, this will make you be in the right place at the right time and to know what the public is asking for.

It will be an especially good week for connecting with the market’s perception. You’re very creative and open to experimenting with new ways to work. Neptune, your regent, connects you with your clients’ needs.

Take everything the world has to offer and trust in your good luck.


If you’re currently undergoing medical treatment, you’ll have the stars’ blessing to make it efficient, so long as you follow all of your doctor’s instructions to a T. There’s no point behaving responsibly one day and falling off the wagon the next.

Those Pisces born during the first deanery will be heavily influenced by an astral opposition which will give you lots of energy while at the same time making you more prone to small inflammations and infections.

Strengthen your immune system with good rest and good quality food.