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You're intimately connected to your feelings and the strength in your heart to defend your relationship no matter how hard it might be. You won't let anyone or anything darken your everyday experiences.

But don't give yourself permission to remember disastrous events or offensive actions. Don't be your own worst enemy when it comes to making your daily life bitter.

It's best to leave the past behind Pisces, to find new beginnings in this love that deserves all of the best on your part.

Everyone knows that you're great at taking others into account, your empathy, ability to understand others' feelings and motivations. But this shouldn't turn into something that you get taken advantage of for.

Don't get distracted and listen to what the people that love you have to say.

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Use your intuition and your ability to see which way the wind is blowing with consumers and then hop on this train.

You'll have a lot of expenses, and it will be hard to make ends meet, and it would be best if you found a new type of income.

Your lucky numbers today are 2002 and 221. Numerology refers to the ability to associate numbers with your daily life and the creativity that flows when this happens.

This week will be beneficial to make proposals to societies and group actions with other people in your situation. Cooperation is the key to success in entrepreneurship, often times.


Nervousness, the negative energy that you fill with when you hear others discussing unfortunate topics, your own negative thoughts and your susceptibility to the energy in your environment or those that your adversaries send out that make you ill.

You'll feel overwhelmed with a headache, goosebumps, and pain that comes and goes.

You need to learn rituals or techniques to get rid of all of this malicious energythat's bringing you down and harming your energetic field.

Try to get in touch with nature, walk barefoot to get rid of all of the energy that's harming you, take some deep breaths and when you exhale, breathe out all of the hurt and worry. Do this ritual whenever you have the chance. You'll be feeling great in no time