Pisces Weekly Horoscope for 29 April - 5 May

Magic Horoscope’s most important predictions for this week
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- Health


Many things will be revealed this week. Reality is a lot more complex than you think. The planetary aspects will guide you towards the resolution of many problems, by appealing to your best skill: your empathy.

Your ability to connect with the other party’s feelings will help you save things that seemed lost beyond hope. Try to talk over that relationship that seems broken beyond repair.

Opening up to others also means hearing them out. You tend to hang on to your interpretation of things, rather than letting others say their peace.

On a positive note, you can expect passion and joy this week, if you let go of grudges and let old wounds heal. If you control your bias and follow your heart, you’ll enjoy a pleasant weekend surrounded by your loved ones.

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Even though you’re going through a good period, you’ll feel uncomfortable and deficient. Therefore, you’ll probably want to change your trade or place of employment. Fortune will smile at you this week, and lead you to meet or reconnect with powerful or influential people who can help you advance your career.

Everything you do this week to improve your employability, your infrastructure or broaden your skills set, will be rewarded in the future. The rewards will be well worth the sacrifices.

On Friday you’ll be susceptible to losses or small thefts, so keep an eye on your wallet and your valuables.

Much of the negativity that will come your way will have to do with bad karma. Don’t get carried away by fear or superstition. Make a conscious decision the release that energy and you’ll see it dissipate.


Start the week by doing a detox diet, to maintain your health and balance. This way you’ll be able to tackle any problems which might arise over the next few days.

An astral alignment shows a certain weakness and hypersensitivity, especially when it comes to your nervous system and sensory organs located in your head.

Your eyesight or hearing might suffer from a infection, or perhaps you’ll have to cope with a neuralgia caused by a very harmful agitation and anxiety.

Cleaning your body from toxins will help you overcome this astral obstacle.