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Pisces Weekly Prediction for 31 December - 6 January

Magic Horoscope's most important news for this week.
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This week is really promising, Pisces. You can't imagine the fire and passion that awaits you.

The fantasies that you've always dreamed of will come true. Beautiful, tender moments, understanding and delicateness, mixed with sensual love will have butterflies in your stomach.

But not all moments can be perfectly peachy, and every story has a villain. Expect vengeance and verbal aggression from people that just can't stand the idea of seeing you happy.

You'll have to defend yourself and at some point stop paying attention to your enemies' attacks.

Light violet colored candles at noon and call on your guardian angels to ward off these negative energies.

You'll need to muster your endurance and dignity during these times since you could forget your manners and this won't do you any good.

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You know that money, and financial matters aren't what interest you most. However, you should pay attention to your finances since you're in a defining moment economically.

Come down from your dream world, and you'll see that it isn't that hard to understand the law of supply and demand. Appeal to your creativity, and you'll see what a great combination this makes.

You could start new projects with the possibility for significant earnings. However, remember to avoid letting yourself get swept off your feet by fantasies and instead stay grounded and evaluate all of the contracts that you need to sign intelligently. Read the fine print.

If you take care, you'll be successful in your dealings.

Tense days await you, and you'll have to take on more work than you usually do. You'll have new responsibilities, and doors to better earnings will open up before you.

Your coworkers need you.


This week things are tense, and you're feeling exhausted. Life has been demanding, right Pisces?

You might experience unidentifiable pain, mild colds, and allergic reactions since your immune system will be weak this week and this will force you to take a break.

Magic Horoscope recommends you start a plan for recovery before it's too late. You just can't shake the tired feeling off and the coming week will be physically and mentally demanding. Don't give up, look for help.

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