Pisces Weekly Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


You’ll start the week with no time for your partner. Work and other responsibilities will take up most of your spare time. As the week moves forward you’ll start seeing your relationship from a different perspective: less idealized and more realistic. You’ll try to leave all of your insecurities and grudges behind to make room for a new chapter in your relationship. You’ll give and you’ll receive a lot of love, and you’ll even organize a surprise for your beloved.

But there’ll be some Pisces who won’t be able to see this new perspective and, disillusioned by not being loved the way they expect, will start a secret affair with a colleague from work.

On Sunday, you should be careful to avoid playing the victim and bringing out your more manipulative and deceitful side.

If you’re single, this week you’ll have a chance to start two different kinds of relationships: one in which you’ll only have casual encounters to give free rein to pleasure. And another one where you’ll meet someone with whom you’ll have a very special connection, your choice!

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At work, Monday will be the most hectic day, where you’ll have the highest amount of work, and you’ll end up exhausted. Towards the middle of the week, a colleague will try to take credit for great ideas which are actually yours.

Thursday will be the most inspiring day and any job/hobby linked to creativity will be greatly favoured.

If you have your own business, the stars ask you this week to put your employees back in line to ensure your business continues to be manageable.

Pay attention to any coins you find. Check them carefully, and if you find one that looks weird and that you’d never seen before, get it appraised, as it could be worth quite a bit.

Faced with financial insecurity around you, you’ll decide to be very careful with your savings and to spend only the bare minimum.


This week’s energy invites you to quit one of your bad habits: smoking. You know that smoking is bad for your health and your pocket. Don’t wait any longer and quit right now, you can do it!

On Wednesday the moon will be in your sign, and it’s the perfect time to do some moisturizing masks for your skin and hair. Make the most of the natural products you have at home, such as yoghurt or honey.

On a mental level, it’s a good week to do exercises to (further) boost your intuition. This will help you make better decisions in the future.