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Don’t waste your time on someone who doesn’t appreciate or love you, Pisces. You need to break away from the vicious circle where dislike and doubts are a daily occurrence.

You might have mishaps for things that are external but which affect your relationship nonetheless. It could be problems with your extended family, money problems or arguments over the allocation of duties which could complicate matters.

Wait for the storm out before making a decision, try to remain silent and allow those you have a problem with to do the same. Each to their own.

Towards the weekend you might need to rekindle the flame of love, to be more present and try to strengthen your bond. Don’t feel like everything is crumbling down if things don’t go the way expected.

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There’ll be great commercial opportunities for those who are starting their own businesses and who are their own bosses. There’ll be opportunities for any Pisces who wants to become self-employed, but it will require hard work.

You might have the feeling that you don’t have enough money, that all of your efforts have been in vain but the truth is that you might have had expenses that you’re not taking into account. It’s a good time to look over your bank account and your credit cards. There’s probably expenses you can reduce.

This week’s lucky numbers for Pisces are 41 and 34. Follow this vibe to turn your life around.


There’s much you can do for your wellbeing this week, in fact you’ll have a good influx of Venus to stimulate all activities related to your wellbeing and beauty.

From all the zodiac signs, yours will be one of the few with positive astral aspects this week, so you’ll get greater benefits from chasing your dreams and you’ll project a great image as well.

Take this astrological opportunity to get a mani-pedi and a makeover. You could also start a new diet or therapy.

Don’t lose momentum!