Pisces Horoscope Weekly
Your Pisces Horoscope for this week | Magic Horoscope


This is a positive week in your love life, so long as you don’t let other people’s opinions bother you, especially when they’re just meant to cause harm. We’re not talking about exes but rather about toxic relatives or friends who are unhappy and, for this reason, want everybody else to be miserable too.

However, to be happy with the people at home you need some passion and spontaneity to break out of your routine and feel that the flame of love is still burning.

During the weekend you’ll have to propose fun and unexpected things to do with your partner. If you ask for gestures and surprises, you need to lead by example and give them as well.

If you’re single, you won’t trust someone who compliments you and is too blunt in spite of not knowing you very well. Their persistence and some poorly chosen words will make you go back to the sea to find other fish.

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Teamwork will be your strong point, you won’t stand out, but you won’t fall behind either, and your work and collaboration will be key in work projects. You also won’t let any colleagues tread on your toes or hurt your reputation with harmful comments. No one has given you anything for free, you’ve gotten where you are through your own hard work and if you have to call it like it is, you will.

If you’re unemployed, you’ll find work thanks to a friend or neighbour’s help. But you’ll have to prepare well for your interview as your mind is somewhat muddled and you might struggle to pick the right words.

Careful where you put your wallet, you might have a nasty surprise if you inadvertently put it in your back pocket.


Your mental aspect will be very important, and you’ll want to surround yourself with cheerful people and positive environments. If someone tries to disrupt your peace of mind, you’ll go from quaint little fish to full blown shark, Pisces.

Introspection will play a vital role in giving a new focus to your knowledge and goals, and channelling them towards what makes you happy.

On a physical level, the stars align to bless you with the gift of a child, if you’ve been looking for one. If this is not your case, be careful when drinking wine with your meal, you might regret it the next morning.