Pisces Weekly Horoscope for 9 - 15 September

Magic Horoscope’s most important predictions for this week
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It’s a strange time for Pisces. You wish you could turn back time, you wish things could be fixed just by going back to happier times when you had no worries. But time goes by and if you don’t make an effort to cultivate your relationships, they become eroded.

This starting week brings astral movements of great difficulty in your romantic relationships. Whims have no place in your relationship. You might want to play the victim and blame everything that’s going on on your other half, but the moon in the isolation and reflection area of your Zodiac will let you know what you’ve done.

Bite your tongue before lashing out. Resentment over past wounds could damage your relationship and make you lose the understanding you have. It’s better to take a step back before continuing with hurtful exchanges that lead nowhere.

If you’re single, you need to be very careful not to get entangled with deceitful people. Don’t believe everything they say, or you might get roped into shady situations. Look after your noble heart.

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This week there’ll be experiences that will lead you to learn important lessons about your role in society and at work.

You’ll have the challenge of carrying out tasks which appear impossible, many of your colleagues and people around you trust in your ability to carry out this mission, and they’ll make it known. It’s a lot easier to face fear when you have support, Pisces.

If you’re planning a trip where your finances are involved, there might be delays. Don’t get impatient, towards Friday many matters that were delayed will be solved.

Make a backup of your important files, your computer won’t last forever and there are planetary positions in your sky which signal problems with your electronic devices.


It’s time to slow down, to rest your mind and not get carried away by anxiety, which is very harmful to your body.

If you’re currently suffering from ailments or illnesses, be careful with medical diagnoses, make an appointment with a different doctor before undertaking complex treatment, Pisces.

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