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Pisces Planetary Prediction for Tuesday, January 30th

The complete horoscope prediction on health, money and love
The predictions for Pisces according to the stars |



Now is finally the right time to introduce your new love to your friends and family. You shouldn’t feel embarrassed to express your feelings in public, since they’ll all understand that your relationship is serious and that you’re truly happy. Today there’s the right energy for all parties to recognize this.

For the Pisces out there that are just getting over a complicated break up, today is the perfect day to get out of the house and forget the past. The best way to avoid the negative thoughts that go through your head is to get out and do things with your friends, far from the places that you used to go with your ex.


You can finally stop worrying about money because you’ve saved enough to get by financially for a while, as long as you don’t go overboard with your spending. It’s true that you worry too much about your savings and now it’s hard for you to buy anything, as small as it may be. Money is circulating and luck is controlled by the will of the cosmos, so don’t get overwhelmed.

The antisocial feeling that you had at work this Monday will disappear by Tuesday and this will help you to rectify some misunderstandings.


Tuesday will be a messy day as far as your health. First thing in the morning you will notice a stinging sensation in different parts of your body, but, little by little this will disappear, and you will be feeling strong by the evening.

On the other hand, if you had a health problem in the past and there is the possibility that it could relapse, it will this Tuesday, making those close to you worry. Although it’s something chronic or long term, with a little bit of care and caution everything will go back to normal.