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The Friday January 26th Pisces Stars Prediction

Pisces: Your Star Sign Revelations
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There's something in your partner which is constantly annoying you, and it has to finish. It's just a little detail which, although it seems minimum, will make your relationship come to an end. If you two are able to get over it, you'll be even better than before.

On the contrary, there's a sexual fantasy running through your mind and today you'll dare try it. Although it could improve your sexual life, maybe your partner doesn't feel attracted by this idea. You must respect the other's priorities and likes. Don't forget that sex is a thing of two.


Pisces had been lucky for too long. Stars abandon today a favorable position and your gamble or bet might mean loss. As you've been lucky all week long, take advantage of it and get yourself a craving.

The week will end up with too much work to do and little time to finish it. It looks like you'll need to bring some work at home and do it over the weekend. Don't take it as a bad thing, as on Monday you'll have the chance of getting to work later.


In the same way that stars have stopped following you, no longer giving you their influence, your health will be seriously damaged. It doesn't mean that you'll be ill, but you'll notice a kind of malaise which won't let you do as always.

This is the perfect day to stay at home, surrounded by your family or friends, to watch a TV series, playing video games or doing a group activity. Doing some exercise, though it's what you desire, won't be beneficial for you unless it's a very brief session.