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The Sunday January 28th Pisces Stars Prediction

Pisces: Your Star Sign Revelations
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After a sensitive day, probably you'll feel emotional ups and downs on Sunday which make you be unbearable. Your partner will have to be comprehensive and you'll need to make a big effort not to dramatize things. You must attract positive energies for the beginning of the week if you don't want to be exposed to depression.

You might make a final decision about your partner, something that this person will have to assume though it hurts. Give them some time to think about it and make them see things can no longer be this way. Maybe it's the beginning of something new and better.


You are not close to go bankrupt, but your lifestyle makes you spend more money than you should. If instead of going skiing you go for a break by the beach or at the mountain, you'll save a great sum of money which might be crucial in a near future. You have shaken your bank account. Luckily, someone will look for you and will give you back the money they owed you. It's been a hint of luck.


Dear Pisces, today you can enjoy your laziness and spend the whole day in the bed or on the sofa. Luckily, you have no obligations and sometimes we need to spend a day canceling all the things in mind, without thinking about the pile of papers we have to hand in without delay.

Today you can skip some parts of your diet. The reason is that stars are properly aligned to make your decisions right within your diet. That is, if you grab a hamburger it's likely that, probably, the fat excess doesn't end up in your hips. What a luck!