Pisces Horoscope TODAY

19 Feb - 20 Mar

Pisces today: Your horoscope for the January 17, 2020

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Someone who has been in love with you for a while will start obsessing over you. They’ll message you at all times, trying to talk to you. It’s someone you already turned down once in the past. Try to make them understand that you don’t want to talk or hang out, no matter how much they insist.

If you block them on all social media and they still manage to send you messages, it might be time to get the police involved.

You’re absorbed in your social projects and your family misses you being there 100% of the time. Plan a special weekend with them.

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Pisces, an unexpected call will inform you of a job offer that will make you feel flattered. This company is hunting new talent with your experience and they say they're impressed by your resume. Carefully appraise the change this would bring into your life. Trust in your instinct.

Surprise gifts are the ones we value the most, as they mean someone has thought of you and decided to have a nice gesture towards you just because. Although you don’t often get these gifts, you do like to give them, and this shows that you have a good heart. Making someone you care about happy is priceless.


In the past, you’ve made bad decisions regarding your diet and this has had an impact on your health. Stop blaming your metabolism (if you don’t have a medically diagnosed condition). If you don’t change your habits and cling to miraculous and unbalanced diets, you’ll never reach your goals.

For this reason, you might feel downcast and listless. When you start eating fresh foods and cooking everything from scratch, you’ll start feeling much better.

Plus, cleaning your house doesn’t count as working out. You know you should start exercising. At least try to start going out for a walk half an hour a day.