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The cosmos know that in the past you've had to go through really painful moments and that you've had to face certain personal tests that, fortunately, you've come out even stronger because of. Not only this, since you knew how to recover all while keeping up your prudent view of the world.

But you shouldn't feel bad about this because today all of the bad times that you've gone through are the ones that have built the strength and perseverance that characterize you today.


If you're in a relationship, the cosmos declare that will be big steps taken in the coming weeks, bringing you even closer to your partner and uniting you like nothing else possibly could. It's great that you continue to move forward together since you help each other to grow and this is the key to love.


If you're single, but you've been working on something interesting for a while now, you should be careful. A third party will appear to ruin everything that you've accomplished up until today and will try to make your success their own. Don't let them.


Your finances could be affected momentarily, due to debts from your past.

You shouldn't worry too much either, getting your priorities straight and reducing unnecessary expenses should be enough until you're able to recover the money that you've lost.

If you use your head, you'll see how little by little things will start going back to normal and everything will turn back in your favor once again.


It's good to take your obligations seriously, but be careful not to carry a load that's too heavy that could end up harming your physical and emotional wellbeing gravely. You should be your own number one priority in this life.

So it would be good if you spent some time on the revitalization that's happening within your being because it would be great if you could fill yourself with positive energy to face any debacle that could come about when you least expect it.