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This kindheartedness that characterizes you is a virtue that, unfortunately, many tend to use to take advantage of you. This third party at first glance won't seem like a threat, however, they're hiding behind bad intentions, and they're looking to get between you and this person that you're just getting to know.

You shouldn't let them take advantage of you like this. In fact, maybe some friends have already warned you about this situation that you don't seem to see because you think that everyone is good.

Maybe you can't even comprehend why a person would ever act this way, but at the fringes of all this, the fact of the matter is that you need to open up your eyes to reality, and take action. Otherwise, you'll end up missing out on the opportunity to keep getting to know this person that you're so excited about.


In this change of economic tendencies that's about to take place, there's no room for debt, Pisces. It would be recommendable to start working on a plan to follow so that, when you have enough cash flow, you'll start to get rid of those payments that you have, that keep meddling with your savings each month.

In the first place, what you should do is make a list of priorities, with the first being the most important. This way you can start settling all of the little debts that you have one by one.

Then, when you recover your savings capacity a bit, you'll be able to start working towards your goal little by little to cover all of your pending expenses.


The so-called good cholesterol that our liver makes is what allows us to naturally fight the appearance of the feared 'bad cholesterol'. However, it seems that try as you might, your liver needs a little bit of extra help.

To do this, start reducing the amount of saturated and trans fats that you consume. These are present in foods like milk and its derivatives, as well as potato chips, and those factory-baked goods that you like so much.