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There are many people in your life, and your friendly, kind, and fun personality make you really pleasant company for a lot of people. However, in love, you've had more than one problem.

It seems like there's a friend of yours that's starting to get confused about the feelings that they have towards you, Pisces. Meanwhile, you, innocent as always, don't seem to realize that he or she isn't just asking to hang out with you all of the time because they have too much time on their hands.

It's good to always have a plan b in order to avoid hanging out too often with this person if you're not interested. This means that you should look for an excuse that you can give them so that they understand that you don't share these feelings that they're experiencing.


Beware, Pisces. It's one thing to have a good relationship with a coworker and a totally different one if you're taking care of all of their tasks, and taking responsibility for solving all of their problems.

Without realizing it, you always give it your all and you even do more than these people expect you to. It's true that this is an honorable attitude that's hard to come by these days, but you should slow down a bit or you may end up messing up your own work.

This means that if you have other priorities of your own when it comes to the things that you need to take care of, that you should work on these first, and then if you have time left over, you can work on solving others' problems. Not the other way around, like you're trying to do.


Your body is begging for a bit of rest. This is something that you'll notice immediately, since your whole body will start aching, especially your lower back and legs.

If you exercised a lot the day before, today you probably are even experiencing soreness in places that you didn't even realize that it was possible. For example, your back.

You should try to slow down your pace when it comes to activities and work for a few days. It also wouldn't be a bad idea to give your physical therapist a call, because it seems like your back pain isn't going to magically disappear.