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Pisces Astral Horoscope for Thursday 30th August by Magic Horoscope

Your Horoscope Prediction for Today, Thursday
Pisces Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Fairytales are made for you, but you're constantly running into the harsh reality of things. Depending on how excited you are, you realize sooner or later on that a person is cheating on you, something that seems to happen to you more frequently than you'd like.

Realizing that this person isn't looking for the same things as you - the end of the story where everyone lives happily ever after - makes you really sad and frustrated, but it seems like something's about to change.

The position of the cosmos reveals that everything will go marvelously with someone that's a fire sign - remember that this includes Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius - as well as with Virgos or Capricorns which are both earth signs.

Your compatibility with all of these signs is at its peak and if you're getting to know one, congrats! It seems like they're just as open as you are when it comes to love, and this couldn't be better news for you.


Some people say that you don't simply have luck, but rather, you have to look for it. In any case, today it seems like Lady Luck has decided to be on your side. You'll get a surprise that will help you to start out the month of September on top.

If you recently were part of a raffle or a competition on TV or social media, you're in luck: it's highly likely that you're in for a pleasant surprise!

This week will finish off strong and the energy that this will bring about will lead to an endless flow of good things to your life. If you decide to continue trying your luck, remember that your lucky numbers today are: 15, 17, 35, and 42.


Today you might find a new way of exercising that you're going to love, Pisces. Participating in beachfront activities is ideal, so if you have the opportunity, you won't stop short. You'll show off all of your yoga moves or even do some running on the beach.

You'll feel as of you've returned to your childhood, or at least, to the days where your only worry was to have fun and a good time. If you don't live close to the sea or you can't go to the beach, surely in the countryside you can also find an endless number of activities to take part in.

In any case, the important thing is that you take the time to disconnect, all while getting in touch with nature.