Pisces Horoscope TOMORROW

19 Feb - 20 Mar

Pisces tomorrow: Your horoscope for the January 22, 2020

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The Sun-facing Chiron could reveal that perhaps you haven’t followed the path you would have liked in life. But rather, influenced by your parents, you adopted a personality or profession that isn’t truly your own.

Are you the way they wanted you to be or the way you truly are? It’s time to break the moulds set by your family and society and let your true self soar. From then on, you’ll develop your individuality and you’ll take the reins of your life.

For this reason, today you might feel angry and hurt by something done by your parents (or parental figures). And you might externalize it by causing a scene over a minor grievance.

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The stars positively influence any jobs related to children. It’s a good time to connect with them and help them develop their personalities and creativity.

Thanks to new technologies, each month new jobs appear that you didn’t even know existed. Take a look at the available job opportunities, perhaps a new, innovative profession will tickle your fancy.

March appears uncertain on a financial level, and this will trouble your mind today. Trying to reduce your expenses or loans will be key to help you save more these days, until the end of the month.


You can drink all the coffee you want today, Pisces, but that somnolence won't leave you. Rather, all that caffeine will be counter-productive when you try to go to sleep because although you're extremely tired, insomnia will make an appearance.

Understanding that you’re the master of your own destiny and decisions can be painful at first. But it’s essential to free yourself of your chains and start pursuing happiness.