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Pisces Weekly Prediction for 10-16 December

Magic Horoscope's most important news for this week
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The week starts out with a cold and distant climate. You might feel alone and have an existential sadness that's drowning your soul. It's hard for you to decipher the origins of your mood since you don't know if it's just because of you or someone in your surroundings.

The tendency to rehash the past and connect with what once was will become stronger and disturb you emotionally.

It's worthless to let this side of your personality come through. The past is something that you can no longer change and remaining attached to these experiences (good or bad), doesn't bring anything positive to the plate.

Towards Wednesday, indifference will wash over you. You've already suffered enough, and the sun is coming out in your heart. You realize that you're valuable and you'll cheer up a bit.

This change will generate new opportunities for communication and better relationships. Add passion to your life since your enjoyment is dependent on this.

Single Pisceans are about to meet someone they won't soon forget. Pay attention to the signs.

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This week is the perfect time to give your intuition free reign and discover all of the options that are out there to increase your income. Organize your space and your mind and develop a plan of action with priorities. Your projects could succeed if you put your mind to it.

Starting on Thursday, you'll be more likely to be the victim of scams. It would be best if you avoided signing important documents since this could bring you problems shortly.

Control your expenses and improve your sales or communication and marketing models. Search for help to incorporate new technology into your business. Someone close to you is anxious to lend you a helping hand in this.

Don't lose hope and keep moving forward.


Pisces' energetic levels will be at an optimum state since Mars will be on their side. However, they run a risk, which could come in the form of bursts of rage, rushes, and mistakes.

Accidents, tachycardia, food poisoning, and allergic reactions are all possibilities in the coming days if you aren't careful. All of the problems that could come up will be the result of nervous tension.

Watch your diet, get rest, and be careful with negative energy that you expose yourself to when you spend time with toxic people that disturb your aura. You need to learn to preserve yourself being more perceptive to your body and feelings.

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