Pisces Weekly Prediction for 15-21 October

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This week is going to be varied and changeable in love matters, and you're going to experiment some ups and downs that can drive you a bit crazy. On Monday, keep in mind the importance of putting the Law of Attraction into practice and thinking in positive, so your life gets full of all the things that you want.

Tuesday and Wednesday will be the most productive days, you'll be able to improve the bond with your children -if you have any- and talk to your partner about your future plans and the existence -or not- of your offspring. On Wednesday you'll learn to distinguish between toxic relationships and a relationship that mean something, which will help reduce the size of your shield.

While on Thursday the stars predict high possibilities that those Pisces in a relationship could go through a break-up, on Friday you can be a victim of someone's rejection, but their body language will prove they want the opposite. 

The weekend will also be agitated, and jealousy and coexistence can cause you a headache and that the week doesn't end as you'd like it to. 


The next few days aren't expected to change quickly or fluctuate abruptly in money matters, although it's true that some days the luck will be more on your side than others. All in all, the week will revolve around saving and finding a balance that will allow you to banish economic anguish and live comfortably.

On Monday you'll learn to manage your savings in the long run, which is vital and necessary if you want luck streaks to last as much as possible. On Tuesday, your mission will be to find the balance between the ant complex that you've had lately and that inner child of yours that threatens to go out and start spending without control.

Although it's true that on Wednesday you will be lucky in fortune and you'll be able to earn some extra money in sports betting, from mid-week, you'll start changing the chip, and you'll slowly become an authentic master in money when you realize that you can't always be good. 

By the end of the week you'll have to be careful because there's a colleague of yours that wants to play a trick on you and if you don't stop them on time, it will end up being prejudicial for you. Apart from this, if you're able to control expenses, you'll see how your economy not only stays stable but tens to improve as the days go by. 


This will definitely not be your best week, at least in health matters. The week will start with bad news that will affect you or one of your loved ones. Try to face it with the best attitude you can and think that you'll be an essential part for things to go back to normal. 

Your defenses aren't going through their best, so it's advisable to start doing some exercise, even if it's just walking for 30 minutes a day. Try to incorporate it into your routine as soon as possible, since on Thursday you will have a particular propensity to suffer from urinary tract infections.

Fortunately, the day before you had the chance to enjoy the best therapy: an afternoon with friends laughing. This is something that will fill you up with vitality and good energies.

The weekend can leave you quite damaged if you don't control what you drink and end up forgetting everything lived during the night. There's nothing wrong with partying, as long as you do it responsibly. While you may have dry or itchy skin on Saturday, the only thing you need to worry about at the end of the week is getting enough rest to start the following week with more energy.