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Pisces Weekly Prediction for 17-23 December

Magic Horoscope's most important news for this week
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The first days of this week will be the most passionate. You might find the spark in your relationship in the most unusual places. Then, a message will make you question your reality, and everything could go to waste.

This week you should try to figure out which people in your life are really worth it. The ones that are with you through thick and thin. Those loving beings that you know that you can call at any time night or day and know that they'll be there to listen to you and tell you healing words.

Pisces, don't forget that you can't repeat the past. Those romances that make you feel so nostalgic won't come back again.

Don't be tempted by the melancholy of loves past nor happiness that you can't relive.

Live in the present, and listen to the needs of those around you. Connect to today.

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You might take a trip or move for a reason connected to your job or profession, and this will bring you benefits in the mid-term.

Have fun and make the most of the occasion to establish new ties with colleagues and potential clients. You'll be highly attractive, and your conversations will be beneficial.

Halfway through the week, there will be a surprise for you related to money. Your debts will be paid off, or you could get a cash prize that will make your financial situation more manageable. Manage it wisely without wasting.

The weekend will stir things up since there will be work that you'll have to catch up on and meetings that will bring you even more work and setbacks. You might have to spend more hours than usual at the workplace, or you might even have to take tasks home to resolve these issues.


Although Mars continues to bring you unmeasured energy if you don't know how to manage it right, it could become your worst enemy: nerves.

In sustaining levels of nerves, Pisces, you know that nothing good comes out of it. Muscle strains, neck pain, little accidents like ankle sprains or bruises and cuts when you don't slow down, could all taint your health.

Learn breathing techniques. Don't forget how vital oxygen is and how you can focus your energy if you please your mind and learn to breathe consciously. Look for peace and your own way to block negative energies. Zen meditation techniques could help you out here.

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