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Pisces Weekly Prediction for 24-30 September

Magic Horoscope's most important news for this week
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This week won't have too many significant setbacks in love's terrain. However, it's true that over the course of the next few days you'll change your point of view on many things and adopt a different attitude when facing problems.

Nevertheless, towards the middle or end of the month, temptation could come knocking on your door and at some point, you may consider acting in questionable ways. Magic Horoscope recommends that you avoid hurting anyone that has ever been important to you, otherwise, the situation could turn against you, and karma will end up hitting you harder than ever.

Whatever the outcome may be, you'll come out even stronger than ever in this area, and you will be able to learn more about yourself, what constitutes a healthy relationship, and what drives us bring things to the table instead of constantly tearing them down.


There won't be any big improvements this week but there will be discoveries since you'll start to value another kind of wealth that has nothing to do with money. Even if you don't finish off the week as a multimillionaire, you'll end up with a higher sense of values, which is priceless.

You don't need to hold back when it comes to spending, but you shouldn't go all out either and spend everything without considering the consequences. Control this your inner child and accept the fact that you need to find a way to face this struggle.

It will be an incredible week for those actively searching for work. You'll just have to switch your intuition on and pay attention to the signs that the Universe sends you since at the end of the week you'll have a better understanding of where you're headed next.



The cosmos will foster the development of your spiritual side so that you can feed your soul and watch your health improve. Healing stones and meditation techniques could do you wonders when it comes to recuperating energy and recovering from the inside out.

Take special care with your neck and digestive system, you're not that young anymore and as the years pass you need to pay more attention to the pain that comes up in your body. Get this under control before it's too late.

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