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Sagittarius Weekly Prediction for 10-16 December

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The week for Sagittarius begins a bit altered by the difficulties in the sexual relations with your spouse, and now more than ever it is presented as necessary to recover the communication and the dialogue between both.

The fights and arguments that on Tuesday will break out over small things can lead you to think of a serious crisis in your relationship, but communication is essential to return to normal. Your excess of sensitivity can lead you, on Wednesday, to lament what you did. Look for comfort in hugs.

The week will move toward that extreme sensitivity that you must let flow to bring out the best in you: a process of reconciliation. On Friday, assume freedom and adventure as a requirement in your life.

The weekend will be very productive as you let your imagination fly and put a smile in front of the criticism of others, and exploit your more generous and altruistic side.


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Not having an emergency fund and overspending can leave you more exposed than ever to an economic crisis, Sagittarius. Keep this in mind on Monday, for the week begins with a lot of demands. On Tuesday you have to think about a change of scenery at work.

As the week progresses, you will suffer some unforeseen events that force you to become more serious and show more responsibility. Abandon frivolities and fictions. On Thursday, think about the immediate future and take stock of the past year, but don't make decisions.

Attention: Unemployed Sagittarius have to put more intensity in the search for work, because the stars foresee new and succulent opportunities these days. On the other hand, Saturday will be ideal for property sales and commercial transactions in general.

You will end the week with very important lessons that can be of much benefit to you. Listen more to others.


Sagittarius women should listen to their own body this Monday, especially if they are suffering from menstrual cramps. If they become usual you should go to the doctor.

Your health will not be at their best, especially because of the low mood you will experience on Tuesday. It is necessary to learn to control with the mind the limits of pain. Wednesday you'll be very busy, and you'll have bones and throat pain, and unimportant surgeries.

Positive news finally arrives on Thursday, because the stars give you a very powerful willpower to defeat temptations. On Friday there are sleep problems, which can cause anxiety and headache.

By the weekend Sagittarius health improves: through relaxation and the encounter with yourself you will discover internal sensations that you did not know. Stimulate your mind and emotions to regain joy and optimism.


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