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You start the week with low trust and confidence: under your feet, an abyss opens up, and you think you are incapable of solving your problems. To deal with anxiety and anguish, take distance, cool your mind, recover your feelings.

As days go by, your spirit can remain at the mercy of the negative energies that block any exit to feel better. Look for comfort zones, and enhance the feelings of love.

On Wednesday you will discover, if you open your soul confidently, the magic treasured by the people around you. On Thursday, look for beauty in the soul of the person with whom you share your life: challenge pessimism by falling in love with it every day.

All these daily lessons make you grow, and that gives you a big dose of self-esteem to face a big challenge on Friday: metabolize your failures into successes. Because when you become resistant to defeat, you'll have success in front of you, and then no one will be able to stop you.

On Saturday, free yourself from the designs of love, whose destiny you cannot control. On Sunday use your maturity to protect yourself from some possible betrayals.


Mental strength, optimism, confidence, impetus, ambition: all these values can mark the turning point from frustration to success. But beware, Sagittarius, on Tuesday ambition can lead you to the dark temptation of pride, which leads to more struggles.

Keep calm and be humble. On Wednesday you may feel a bit clumsy at work. The sooner you recover your dynamism and agility, the better. Wake up early and work out.

On the other hand, creativity and cunning will be the starting point for overcoming a small economic downturn on Thursday. Also, it will help you overcome the fact that your professional life will be something grey and boring on Friday.

Here's a warning for the weekend: avoid shopping malls, for you won't be able to control your spending impulses. And, on the other hand, here's a challenge: on Sunday, decide which path to choose: the struggle and sacrifice one, or the moderation and rest one.


It's time to redefine priorities for your healthy diet plan: you feel frustrated because you are unable to achieve the goals you set. Therefore, you just fall into your own temptation. On Monday, you have to realize that you really are capable of losing weight.

On Tuesday you'll find out that all your purposes in life are impossible to achieve if you don't have a healthy and vigorous body: take care of your health. Beware of sugar and hypertension. 

Stress and external factors can weaken your body, and the first symptoms will be mouth sores, appearing on Wednesday. Thursday you should improve prevention to avoid getting ill.

On Friday take more care of your looks in order to begin the reconstruction of your hurt self-esteem. On Saturday you will go back to the starting point of the week: the need to control sudden weight changes. On Sunday you will discover the properties of citrus fruits.