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On Monday Sagittarius will have an emotional inflection day. You will leave anxiety behind, opening a new future full of hope. Your leading star will shine brightly.

Your most important duty on Tuesday is to protect yourself from external attacks. Seek your happiness. Those Sagittarius who are single will be invincible in their love conquests thanks to an improvement in their magnetism. On Wednesday, those who are married or in a steady relationship will achieve a special connection with their partner thanks to a change in your attitude: be nice, kind, loving and fun.

You will receive an unexpected visit that will make you improve your mood. That person will show you that you always have to be hopeful and optimist. On Friday, live to the fullest, but always remember where limits are. Your happiness has to match people's respect.

Finally, by the weekend and unexpected love will fill you with life and energy. You will live romantic moments that you will never forget.


The beginning of the week will make you wonder: needs or dignity? You have to choose what point will you reach for money, and if you want to risk your moral and values. On the other hand, there are hidden opportunities that you have to find.

Face problems and adversities with a big smile. On Tuesday you will be a bit overwhelmed at work, but your positive energy will help you overcome it. Unfortunately, that bad tendency will go on on Wednesday. Your self-esteem may be affected because of this recession stage you have to deal with now.

Try to keep your good mood and your self-trust. Find solutions to problems. On Thursday your patience and confidence are key to keep stability. On Friday, success requires calm and harmony. Don't rush into anything.

By the weekend, try to make your free time useful and productive. Look for new opportunities. On Sunday there will be business unions.


After a long time taking care of yourself and watching what you eat and do, you can finally relax. This Monday it's time for little pleasures. They will make your mood better.

The capacity for regeneration that you will be provided with will active your body and mind. This will give you energy for a more dynamic lisfestyle. 

Take a break, disconnect from that frenetic pace that you are forced to have. On Thursday you have to get rid of stress and nerves. On Friday, keep your dietary habits and discipline, and don't also forget to feed your spirit. On Saturday you have to start putting limits on your bad habits. Your week will end with laughter and joy. This is the best medicine.