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Sagittarius Weekly Prediction for 17-23 December

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The week begins with feelings of sadness and melancholy because things don't go as you expected, which forces you to be more humble and accept help. On Monday you can spend a fun and therapeutic day next to a very special person.

In your conjugal life, the week also starts moving. On Tuesday, the attempt to turn some fantasies into reality can lead to a dangerous excess that breaks the balance. As the day progresses, starting on Wednesday, you will enter into problems of understanding with your partner.

On Thursday, make an effort to smile, and don't let the bad mood take hold of you and scare off the people around you. On Friday, that benevolence must also serve your benefit: reduce the demand on yourself.

On the weekend you must rebuild your balance, both within you and towards others, and base your growth on feelings of understanding, compassion, and forgiveness.


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You have to start the week by relativizing the concept of success and failure and finding the motivation to move forward. The week advances with a certain prudence that may be limiting your potential: avoid staying in the shade, where comfort makes you too predictable.

It's time to take out those overwhelming Sagittarius who are in a position to assault the achievement of their dreams. In the middle of the week, however, you have to avoid conflict and take things to the extreme when defending your ideas: being so stubborn can bring you trouble.

On Thursday, the week evolves towards saturation that can stop the positive uncertainty you were carrying, and to recover good feelings you have to return to pragmatism. On Friday, repentance for a very bulky purchase can plunge you into a small crisis: you have to change it for hope.

The weekend distances itself from economic issues. Take advantage of the beginning of the holidays to meditate on the present and future of your finances.


This beginning of the week you can be more exposed to diseases because on Monday the changes in weather and the weakening of your body by factors such as alcohol and tobacco put you on alert. The look on your face on Tuesday will warn you that you have to improve your health.

In the middle of the week, the discomfort moves to a certain heaviness in your muscles: avoid bad postures when sleeping and at work, and sudden movements that can cause contractures. On Thursday you will gradually recover from these physical discomforts, and you will feel happy and optimistic.

To maintain this good shape that has cost you so much to reach, it is essential that on Friday you show your Sagittarius nature and seek a connection with nature. Euphoria can lead to some excesses on Saturday, especially as far as sex is concerned.

You end the week arriving at the Christmas holidays in perfect condition, which allows you to relax discipline and give you some whims.

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