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This Monday the week will begin with the need to calm your most adventurous side in order to find the peace that will allow you to quench your spiritual thirst. It will be a day to open your senses. Nothing will work better than the sensitivity of Cancer and the sexuality of Scorpio.

On Tuesday you must avoid getting lost in abstraction and not listen to the mermaids singing: seek your happiness in the real power of love. In fact, surrendering to others can be very beneficial on Wednesday to release certain tensions through joy.

The vortex of feelings and sensations reaches its climax this Thursday, but that's when you have to show the most temperance. On Friday, romantic conquests and social relationships can be your escape to so much emotional stress.

Guilt for a mistake you made, for an unutterable secret, may torment you on Saturday, but on Sunday you will feel great well-being for having regained emotional maturity. It will be ideal to end the week with a weekend out with your beloved.


The sensitivity to which you are subject at the beginning of the week exposes you to a vulnerability state in the cruel world of business: distrust others and protect yourself. Put your feet on the ground and, on Tuesday, avoid ambitious thoughts: yours is not fame, but constant work.

On Wednesday you have to consolidate the keys to success that have taken you where you are, and avoid falling into complacency and overconfidence.

A period of uncertainty begins, introduced on Thursday by bad luck in a project, and the stars demand optimism and firmness. Again, you have to regain rigidity and avoid getting lost. On Friday the effects of exhaustion appear and force you to take a break.

On Saturday you will feel blocked, clumsy and slow to perform tasks but you can be very good at what you do with joy. On Sunday you can treat yourself after a week of so much stress.


Releasing your passions on Monday can lead to some dangerous recklessness: remember the importance of contraceptives, and reproductive health in general.

It will be a very hectic week in general terms, so on Tuesday, you should start considering mental relaxation to avoid bowel problems, nerves and anxiety. On Wednesday, seize the moments of silence and quietness.

All the problems that haunt you can be solved by natural means: on Thursday you will discover the power of royal jelly for appetite, for anemia, for mental agility, for blood pressure, for defenses... Also, natural remedies like common horsetail can help you in your diet on Friday.

On Saturday your bowel problems will be back, which you can control with probiotics that help to improve your gut flora, and on Sunday avoid being very strict with dietary plans so that your mind can relax.