Magic Horoscope December   | Monthly Horoscope


Love: Relationships are hard

This month forces you to face many challenges in an unstable stage for your personal relationships. The introduction of resentment, jealousy, fights and mistrust will make you fall into despair, but friendship could be a powerful weapon early this month.

The opportunities for romantic victories for single Sagittariuses on the 6th, and the comforts of home for coupled-up archers on the 7th, offer balance and drive at a complicated time. From the 10th onwards, sex is crucial for your partnered life.

The 14th could set a turning point to go from pessimism to optimism if you rediscover yourselves as the powerful human beings that you are and relaunch your life through freedom and adventure.

For the whole month, friendship will be very important, especially on the 17th, when someone special will liberate you from apathy. On that week, there's a brand new, revitalising horizon before you, when you can let your fantasies roam free.

If you manage to overcome your relationship issues and the foul mood that comes along your way until the 20th, you'll boost into the end of 2018 with reinforced vitality that will make you have much better relationships around you. Except for the 26th and 27, when melancholy will take over you.

Money: Stay strong through adversity

December will be a month full of negative dramatic turns and bad news that you'll have to face with all your might and positive mindset to successfully sail through the end of the year.

You're starting off your month with some difficulties at work that force you to find a solution within and open up to others. Set realistic goals and defend your work from external threats. Thursday the 7th will be key: even though there's losses coming, you've also got new opportunities to use.

During the days around halfway through the week, there's still adversity that forces you to keep up an emergency fund and to avoid risky investments. Feeling stuck at work, on the other hand, makes you consider changing jobs.

The 13th isn't a good day to make choices, but it is good to examine your finances and make some strategies towards the future, now that the year is coming to a close. There's also changes coming for unemployed Sagittariuses: on the 14 you'll find new chances.

Be very careful on the 15th with betrayal and trickery: the business world is cruel and forces you to keep your guard up. During those days, find motivation within, but also find mind-growing richness in an idea discussion and the presence of others.

The last bit of the month is giving you a great break to renew your hopes, set goals and examine your hits and misses. From the 17th onward, look at success and failure under a relative scope, and from the 18th set sail towards success claiming your throne as leader.

During your holidays, always keep in mind that you should control expenses, and remember that it's much more important to enjoy those crucial things that money can't buy.

Attention, unemployed Sagittariuses! The 27th brings a chance to face 2019 optimistically.

Health: Happy Full Year

The month will start with a decline in your health that'll force you to watch out for a few things. On the 1st, some sores in your mouth and throat pain will be the preview of a drop in your immune system which could bring about infection, headaches, tiredness, conjunctivitis and other sorts of discomfort on the week from the 3rd to the 9th.

During this period, you should keep your mood up and light, especially on the 11th, when exhaustion and depression will show up.

On the 10th, Sagittarian ladies will feel sharp period cramps, and on the 12th, those who have health issues might have to undergo surgery. At the end of the week from the 10th to the 16th, things are getting better for Sagittariuses, who need to become more disciplined.

On the 17th, start controlling your alcohol and smoking excess more strictly, on a week when you'll have to boost up vitamins and minerals in your body. Even though you'll have a minor drop on the 18th and 19th, from the 20th onward you'll find a sense of plenitude and fullness that won't go away.

Your holidays will be a time to relax and restore your energy with your loved ones, and here's the best news of all: thanks to your discipline, you feel full and great. The 29th will be essential to recover from muscle pain, and the 30th will be a day to look at how the year's gone, and set some resolutions.