Sagittarius Magic Horoscope Prediction for November

Your Horoscope for November 2018
Magic Horoscope November   | Monthly Horoscope


Love: Let emotions run free

Humility, self-reliance, rationality, pragmatics, trust and understanding are some of the key components that will help you rebuild your relationship, in a November where you must take on the challenge of building up a new way to socialise.

The first days will go by with quite a few scares: find some room for independence to soften incompatibilities, and on the weekend of the 3rd and 4th, take on board humility, honesty and trust towards your partner. Your ruling planet brings around passion and love on Friday the 2nd, which is quite positive for romantic partnerships.

Fill your soul with peace and a sense of understanding so that you can start rebuilding your relationships from Monday the 5th, and fight back stillness on the 7th. The week of the 5th to 11th will also be highly productive at a personal level if you can lower down tension and find mental balance and truthfulness towards yourselves.

The 12th will be a highly critical day: don't make important decisions with a sense of insecurity and discomfort on you. Love can bring you to the halfway point of the month with brand new energy to transform failure into success. On the 17th you'll feel the need to let love run free, and on the 19th you'll be highly compatible with Taureans.

Collectedness when facing your feelings should help you give up on unachievable fantasies and embrace the silver lining of the small things. If you use the good vibrations around you and release your frustration through outgoing bliss you'll be facing a very steady end of the month.

Money: Improve to reap rewards

Growth is guaranteed this November if you can match effort, work and persistence with a great source of energy pouring out from the inside through creativity and boldness.

Communication and negotiation skills could get you rewards at the beginning of the month, but they demand you to be more willing to listen to others, and to stay calm and close to common sense.

The 27th will be the climactic point of your month: a promotion, a raise in your income, the arrival of some good luck, huge success in your investments, personal acknowledgement and satisfaction with your career. It'll be time to reap the rewards of your intense efforts to avoid giving up and keep improving.

On the week of the 5th to 11th you need to find motivation within, and if luck doesn't come by (like in the 6th), you need to go get it, to create opportunity through persistence and creativity. On the 9th, for example, stars will align to give you good luck, but success is up to you.

That week will also include some personal evolution in the mix: sometimes you need to give up on your obsession with money and focus on your spiritual needs. The halfway point of the month demands you to be honest, sharp, trusting and thrifty. On the week of the 19th to 25th, avoid dwelling on flattery and keep working patiently.

Health: Time to take care

Your diet will set the start for November: you urgently need to enrich your diet with healthy foods to boost your body up. Discipline and mental health on the 5th, cleansing bad vibrations on the 6th and boosting your self-esteem on the 7th will get you on the right track.

Stomach issues could make things worse for you on Friday the 9th, so pay attention. On the weekend of the 9th and 10th, bring some antioxidant foods into your diet and fight back depression with herbs and natural therapies. On the week of the 12th to 18th, excess weight, high blood pressure and infectious processes will weaken your health.

It's time to take better care of yourselves, Sagittariuses. On the 19th, for instance, you're running the risk of getting a sexually transmitted disease. As days go by you'll see you need to trust natural medicine to bring your body back to good health, with things like royal jelly or horsetail.

Little by little you'll feel better and your immune system will gain its strength back. But there'll be problems with your muscles, bones and joints. November's the month to take care of yourselves, Sagittariuses, so get serious!