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Sagittarius Magic Horoscope Prediction for October

Your Sagittarius predictions for October 2018
October Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Love: Imagine an exciting future

This month of October should be your road to happiness through courage and freedom. These will be a few very intense weeks, which you need to use to listen to others less and focus more on being happy.

The 4th could be the day for this process to start: love whoever you want however you want, without considering your environment. On the 6th you'll realise you've got a lot of love to give, and these will be perfect days to be with whoever you want and be happy.

The second week you'll undergo a process of reinvention and renewal: change the focus of your current relationship, analyse what you can improve in life, renew the trust with friends, give priority to good emotions, balance out your inner contradictions, and get ready on the 14th for the achievement of the most wonderful form of love.

The 15th will be a turning point: give up on your anxiety and imagine an exciting future. On the 18th you should be receptive, have an open soul and be full of excitement and hope for some unexpected surprises that the stars have in store for you. On the weekend of the 20th and 21st, love and romance will prevail.

Except for some foul attitudes on the 25th and a painful betrayal on the 28th, this end of the month should be all about giving up on negativity and be expectant and excited for the future.

Money: Patience and trust are key

This month will go by with financial issues you need to overcome by saving up, holding back and being cautious.

Responsibility will be key this month, because the stars' blockage stops you from growing your finances and forces you to dodge some obstacles.

Although the first week will be sort of unstable with some improvements, on the 7th your economy will have a hard hit that will put you at a standstill for a few days. The second week will be all about soothing your nerves, analysing, organising and prioritising. The 14th will be a key day for you to plan where you want to go, and how to get there.

The worst thing about recession is that it'll damage your confidence, and place you at a weak spot at work, and, regarding business, it'll hold back your confidence and mental strength. Patience and trust will be essential in the third week, in order to get your finances back on track.

Not rushing through and acting cautiously will help you avoid mistakes and reach success and a sense of personal satisfaction. On the last week, you'll find that caring so much about money is good for nothing, and you'll enter a stage of relativity that will help you dinf new hidden talents and skills that you didn't know about.

Health: Feed your spirits

The muscle pain induced by the drop in your immune system that you'll experience early this month could make your mood drop down as well, and that'll bring new consequences. Besides, the state of stress and nerves just makes everything worse. Your main priority for this early October is to relax, boost up your immune system and get more optimistic.

On the second week, avoid enclosed spaces and improve your diet to start getting better. If you're expecting results, on the 12th you'll get good news: you're as healthy as can be. That has to be the starting point of better life habits.

From the 16th, your body will start to work so much better, with more regenerative skills that offer you more chances to stay active. On that week, your desire to lead a good life should come along with keeping your activities healthy and moderate. Feed your spirits.

And thus, you'll come to the final week of the month, with a need to meditate and fill your soul through breathing exercises and alternative therapies. As you find your mental balance, you'll make pain and discomfort vanish away.

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