September Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Love: Good vibrations

On a general scope, this September seems to be custom-made for Sagittariuses, because there's optimism and good vibrations everywhere. As a counterpart, if you don't handle all that extra energy properly, you could go through dangerous ups and downs.

For instance, at the beginning of the month an excess of self-esteem could lead to arrogance, and it's quite advisable to control your impulse. The good energy flux from the planets should be used on the 7th to progress in your friendships, and it will also help you to boost up the love for your partner in the first few weeks.

On the 9th and 10th you'll start on a temporary cycle of regression; you'll feel more nostalgia and doubts will cloud your mind; the 12th will be a day for social life regression. However, good vibrations still keep your romance alive and fresh.

This will be boosted on the week of the 17th to 23rd, especially from the 21st and 22nd, when overflowing love will encourage you to bring back your fun in bed, and if you're cheating it's time to start over from a perspective of honesty. From the 27th your trust and wellness with the one you love will reach its peak and you need to keep that.

Money: Lots of work to do

This September you should take in the message that you'll have to stay on top of everything because you'll have quite a busy month at work. This'll be positive, because even though it may cause exhaustion and stress at certain points, it's a sign that things are going well and you shouldn't be suffering now.

On the weekend of the 1st and 2nd, you should rest and get your groove back, because the week of the 3rd to 9th will be intense; on the 3rd you'll get a proposal from Management and you'll have to take responsibility for more chores; on the 4th the workload or a risky investment will test your nerves. That'll lead you to make mistakes and be insecure in the following few days, but you need to overcome this situation by staying focused, organised, and having a winner's mentality.

On the 10th there's promising signs for your finances, because the stars send you good luck and financial growth. The pace at work will slow down, and from the 15th onwards, growth will stop and you'll go through a few days of minor recession. Activity will burst again from the 26th, and on the 28th everything will be upside down once again.

Until then, the week of the 17th to 23rd is quite ideal for you to slow down and have a bit of a general perspective.

Health: Fight the physical drop

This September, Sagittariuses will feel the start of a few physical issues that will have different sorts of manifestations on the body. These minor ailments aren't going to get worse, but they're a wake-up call so that you get down to work.

The month will start with minor digestive problems, as well as issues on your teeth and some headaches, periods of anxiety, muscle pain and sore throats. All of that can be prevented and soothed with a positive mentality to boost your immune system.

In other news, there's something good in store for recovering Sagittariuses: you'll start quickly recovering around the 3rd.

This month will give you some breaks, but there'll be problems again, especially related to your heart, nerves and headaches. On the 21st you'll start feeling the change in the cycle; this month's key fact for Sagittariuses is that you should start storing up the energy you need to battle against the physical drop.

In the last half of September you'll start getting a noticeable energy flux from the stars so that you can start changing the trend. You need to reduce your bad habits, come back to the boundaries of responsibility and start exploring alternative therapies, do more exercise and reinforce your mentality. On the 25th you'll reach the peak of your balance.