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Love is the center of your life this week and the light that shows you the right way. The abstraction of the spirit drives you to search for answers in philosophy, art, religion, esotericism, magic...

But your bad love experiences will discourage you. On Tuesday you may be lucky in your love conquests, but you need to improve your strategies. Avoid thinking that you are always above the rest of the people, and face your life with more humbleness. Also, learn to adapt to changes.

The week will present some adversities that you have to overcome. Stop being so harsh with yourself. Live your life trying to improve some aspects.

On Thursday try not to have arguments with other people, and be careful with someone's bad intentions. On Sunday betrayal will come back to your life, and you must be ready.

Peace and moderation will help you solve your problems on Friday, and on Saturday you need to start thinking about your future but without forgetting the present.


This week can really be profitable if you know how to make the most of your opportunities.

On Monday you have to focus your energy on exchanges: business and trade are the base for your growth. The exponential increase in earnings has to match a more serious and disciplined profile at work, especially on Tuesday.

On Wednesday you will have the opportunity of showing your hidden talents and your creativity, and that will help your professional growth. On Saturday you will discover new chances and find out new skills.

Friday is the perfect day for those Sagittarius who are looking for a job. What are your best skills? Improve the way you present yourself and focus on your successes in your former work.

On Thursday you will have to fend for yourself and protect your rights, and the same thing on Sunday.


Meditation, relaxation, and natural therapies will help you improve your well-being. This week won't be easy for you. On Monday you will feel sick because of some medications that you are taking, and on Tuesday you will suffer from stomach aches.

This week is crucial to improve your diet habits and add omega-3 ingredients that help your heart.

Free your positive energy on Wednesday. Meditate and fill up your soul so that you can face the week in the best way possible. This is the right moment to look for alternative therapies, especially on Saturday and Sunday.

On Friday your mind and your body will be connected with the cosmos thanks to that feeling of wellbeing. Around Thursday, those Sagittarius with memory problems should consider reinforcing their treatment.