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Sagittarius Weekly Prediction for 24-30 December

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Nothing better than being surrounded by wonderful people to overcome a failure of love, Sagittarius, although on Monday you will only get to see it if you are able to abstract yourself from the pain. On Tuesday you will discover the need to be less harsh on those around you.

Depression and melancholy, on Wednesday, can lead you to the outburst of wanting to change everything. However, the stars demand prudence from you. Your life is full of good things, you only have to learn to find them. On Thursday, that black cloud of sadness will go away.

In that sense, the fight against negativity has to be based on strengthening ties with your friends and sharing your concerns with them.

On Friday, do not fall into provocations and maintain the firmness in front of those who want to provoke you some pain. In your relationship, keep a cool head when fighting, do not get carried away. Generosity, understanding and kindness will improve your personal life and bring you closer to your loved ones.

On Sunday remember that Sagittarius do not perform well under pressure: do not be so demanding with yourself.


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An altered mood prevents you from seeing things with perspective, and that, in the work and economic spheres, disables you from making important decisions. On Monday, enjoy your rest and make a parenthesis in your duties. 

The stars give you, on Christmas Day, an inspiring light that opens in your soul an impulse of creativity full of fruitful ideas. Wednesday will be the time to put them into practice, formulating dreams, projects and desires in more detail.

Positivism persists on Thursday, where very important opportunities open up that allow you to successfully develop your skills. Also, the unemployed Sagittarius will feel new perspectives that will lead to a stage of prosperity.

For Friday it is very important that you make the appropriate demands to create a work environment that allows you to exploit your full potential. On Saturday you can be very useful to others, and you'll end the week putting your thoughts in order and gaining strength for what's to come.


Start the week with a slightly more relaxed attitude towards excesses, Sagittarius. It's important to take care of your health, but the holidays are made to celebrate and you can afford some whim that makes you feel happy. This will also benefit your body.

On Christmas Day, except for a toothache that warns of a possible cavity, your body will be at its best levels and you will be able to enjoy a very special evening. If you feel weak on Wednesday, remember that magnesium phosphate is an essential element. 

To fight hangovers, which can last for several days, fruit smoothies will be a miracle remedy. At the end of the week, backaches caused by stress and poor posture at work will be the focus of your attention. Overloading the spine can lead to cervical problems.

On the weekend you will feel the symptoms of exhaustion after a week full of responsibilities, worries and celebrations. Get your body moving as soon as possible.

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