Sagittarius Weekly Prediction for 26 November-2 December

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The week comes loaded with emotional fluctuations that put Sagittarius at risk of becoming detached from reality, living in a bubble of attraction and fantasy. On Monday you will have to recover your sanity if you want to be able to face your daily problems.

Tuesday can be a very productive day to reinforce positive aspects and improve some problems with your partner through therapies that demand all your generosity and altruism. On Wednesday try your best so that jealousy and mistrust don't break that ascending path of improvement.

Thursday, again, is a good day to work on your relationship problems. Get out of your oyster and share your life and your moments with the people around you.

Friday will be the climax of the week, because you will recover forgotten sensations, like butterflies in the stomach and the hope for a new love. On Saturday, intuition will reinforce Sagittarius' journey into a world of passion and overflowing emotions.

On Sunday remove unnecessary obstacles from your path: people from the past who represent a trauma for you must return to where they came from, oblivion.


Tuesday will be the peak day at work, with the arrival of benefits and unexpected promotions that will encourage you. To get there, however, on Monday you must avoid conflicts in your workplace and concentrate on using your energies in a positive way.

That evolution will take you to the middle of the week with the need to assume a more active role and abandon your dependence. On Thursday the good news continues, with the opening of a parenthesis of good luck that you can take advantage of for investments and bets.

On Friday, the creativity, optimism, and strength you undertake at work bring you closer to the possibilities of success. On Saturday, you will have to channel that energy away from your daily obligations and find in personal fulfillment the confirmation of your talents.

The only solution is to feel full of confidence and excitement again, to believe in your possibilities: the stars urge you to recover your strength on Sunday.


In order to finish the week at your highest levels, you have to gather your energy, and you will notice from Monday that your body is stronger than ever against diseases. On Tuesday, however, some muscle problems can make you feel weak.

Rest will be another of the impediments that, especially from Wednesday, prevent the physical and mental plentifulness you need. If on Thursday you manage to turn your winning mentality into an engine of optimism, you will take advantage of your energy to generate a positive evolution.

On Friday you will feel some severe headaches that will force you to take home remedies to prevent them from ruining your day. The good health you maintained all week fades away on Saturday with mouth sores and infectious processes.

On Sunday be very careful with fungal and skin infections.