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Being less adventurous and more pragmatic will prevent you from being disappointed, Sagittarius. In order for you to face the end of October, you have to enhance your virtues being with the right people. On Monday be more rational and moderate your feelings. On Tuesday you will have to face indecision and doubts: rebuild your self-confidence.

Wednesday will be a productive day for those Sagittarius who are single and that want to play the field, and also for those who want to learn to handle their feelings. On Friday the stars will bring passion and love.

On Thursday you will have the feeling that you need independence and autonomy, but you also have to give your partner more space. Generosity and humbleness will be key, and on Saturday you will find out the healing power of apologizing.

Sunday is a very important day to enhance trust in your partner and recover the lost communication.


By the end of the month you are always nervous and anxious, and that only makes things worse. On Monday try to relax and let things flow around you.

On Tuesday you will meet someone that will inspire you on your way to success: learn to learn from others. On Wednesday you will find out that frustration won't help you get what you want. Set only the goals you can reach.

Communication and talent for business will be your perfect weapons for this Thursday. On Friday, once again, you will have to learn to listen to others and welcome people's help. Face the weekend with loyalty and keep a cold mind when it comes to money.


Begin the week taking good care of your heart. You have to solve some problems in your circulatory system. Did you know that sex is a powerful medicine for the heart? On Thursday your heart problems will come back, forcing you to eat more fruit and vegetables.

Good habits are the best remedy. This Tuesday you have to pay more attention to your little health issues and take good care of your physical state. On Wednesday you should detoxify from technologies. That will help you find the equilibrium you need and will reduce your stress levels.

On Friday, culinary creativity and health will be best friends. You can create good imaginative dishes that will help you be more healthy. By the weekend all you want to do is to be relaxed at home. However, you will suffer from mild back pain.