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The power of friendship offers you, at the beginning of the week, the pureness with which you can fill the gap that love left within you. If you are constantly disappointed by your partner, focus on your friends' love. The appearance of resentment, jealousy, insecurity, and arguments force you to regain communication.

Personal relationships will continue to affect you negatively throughout the week, reaching their peak on Wednesday, when serious personal problems are expected. Try to regain optimism and face discrepancies with maturity.

The stars offer the gift of opportunity to Sagittarius on Thursday. Create a new version of yourself, an improved version of someone who has self-confidence and a more seductive attitude. On Thursday you will feel like being home, and there you will feel comfortable and safe.

Now that you are living a crisis in your love life, on Saturday you will find the necessary strength to overcome everything, and on Sunday you will find your shelter in love.


You will have to face some difficulties at work, and that will require a cold mind and your resolution skills. On Tuesday, you will feel satisfied with what you do and that will help you to increase your self-esteem.

Whenever you are facing tough times, set higher goals and demonstrate your true talent. On Thursday you will lose money as well as the opportunity for new business that would have meant more benefits.

You leader skills won't be enough on Friday to reach success in business. You need to spread your contacts.

By the weekend, honesty and sincerity will show you the way to success: be objective with your goals. Defend your honor and your efforts in front of others.


If you are currently ill, grief is the way to make it last longer. Instead, the best way to deal with it is to get the courage and drive to overcome it. On Tuesday you have to find the way to relaxation to avoid headaches, anemia, insecurity, and depression.

On Wednesday, if you feel tired, try natural remedies and nurture yourself with the energy of others. On Thursday watch out for infections in the eye area, such as conjunctivitis.

You will face the weekend with liver problems that you have to solve with depurative diets. On Saturday, watch out for domestic accidents, and on Sunday don't be afraid to cry to release the tension of an emotionally charged week.